Researching Community Heritage

  • Copyright Gemma Thorpe 2014

Roma Stories

This project is a collaboration between Sheffield Babel Songs, filmmaker Gemma Thorpe, the AHRC funded project, Researching Community Heritage and a group of young people from Slovakia, now living in Page Hall in Sheffield, an area which has been the subject of national debates regarding community integration and tensions between residents. As part of the AHRC Transmitting Musical Heritage project, Babel Songs collected songs and stories from a range of international groups in Sheffield. During this process they met a group of young men from Slovakia. This film explores the cultural and musical traditions within the Roma community in Sheffield. The film draws upon approaches used in Researching Community Heritage and ethno-musicological methods of collecting music and lyrics in Transmitting Musical Heritage.

This film was funded and commissioned by the AHRC for the Connected Communities Festival in Cardiff in July 2014.