Researching Community Heritage

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Heeley History Workshop

Social Life in Heeley and Thereabouts

Heeley History Workshop explored the lives of Heeley’s residents from the 1920s to the present. The group worked with researchers and students to chart the way people socialised, formed relationships in the community, and shared their time with others. Alongside undergraduate students from the Department of Archaeology and the School of English, the group collected images, memories and stories about activities associated with Working Men’s Clubs, Boys’ and Girls’ Brigades, Churches and Chapels, Guilds and Co-ops.

Working with a filmmaker and photographer, the group produced a short film that not only communicated their findings but portrayed their research processes. The film revealed how shared histories combined with a passion for research creates networks and friendships or what the group’s chairperson refers to as a ‘social fellowship’.

Dr Kimberley Marwood and Gemma Thorpe